Amin Younes Urges Teaching Young Footballers About Life Skills

Amin Younes accuses that footballers are taught to be stupid regarding there finance and transfer money. With the lack of education regarding the finances, they are being manipulated and taken advantaged by others. He was a part of Borussia Monchengladbach youth academy and made his debut match in 2011-2012. He after playing a few times in the first level of the team was transferred to Dutch club Ajax. He scored 17 goals with 100 appearances during his three-year stay there. He then joined Napoli in 2018 in a free transfer.

In his brief career in football, he has played in three different countries for their big clubs. From his experience, he is of the opinion that not everyone has good intentions on developing a player’s talent. On the contrary, most of the people want to take advantage of the player. He also suggests that certain measures should be taken regarding the protection of player’s finance.

The winger says that player’s finance are taken care of and most of them don’t acknowledge it. This nonchalance is what deals the player into stupid decisions. He told that a player will be having only access to half of the money during his career and rest half will be in an account which will be accessed after the end of his career.

He told “Everyone knows how to clean their shoes, but not everyone is able to take care of their finances. Most players don’t know what a savings account is. Young players shouldn’t be squeezed like a lemon just because of their talent. They should be helped in every way possible.”

Younes has made 23 appearances for the club and seven were for this season. Since 2017, he has been a part of German national team and made five appearances. He has scored a couple of goals for the team, one in 2018 World Cup qualifiers and another in 2017 Federations Cup. Napoli is now currently standing in sixth position and eight points behind Atlanta. Their current position will give them easy acceptance to Europe League and they are left with a couple more of games to play.