Aquilani Takes Primavera Title

Change of coach is a normal thing in the professional world of sports and when it comes to football, you see these things happening more often than you might expect in any other walk of life. It’s rare for relatively inexperienced bosses to be put in charge of companies or corporations, but that is where football is different again. When Emiliano Bigicia resigned as the coach of the Primavera team, it was (ex-Liverpool midfielder) Alberto Aquilani was selected as the new head coach of the team, and from there it went rather well…

After he made his former team Fiorentina as the champions of the Primavera Coppa Italia as a coach, he now is the new ray of hope as the manager of the reserve team, with everyone at the club having high expectations. The Viola director Commisso thanked him and his team as they brought the trophy to their home. He expressed his happiness after seeing the boys with the trophy held high.

As the Director said, it is very important to win matches and junior level tournaments for the young levels of the team – it builds their morale as well as a habit to win matches. Thus the team is under the perfect supervision to be ready to play at the senior level. Aquilani himself was a member of the senior team of Fiorentina and wanted his team to be the champion. He himself played for the best clubs in Italy and England. He also represented his nation in every age group. Being a midfielder, he too had awesome skills of scoring goals and thus he also scored many goals for the teams he played.

Given the success of both Pirlo and Gattuso, it’s not such a shock for clubs to take a chance on recently-retired players, though players could be forgiven for just wanting to kick back, relax and enjoy their time on the likes of, rather than taking charge of a professional football team, which brings with it 24 hour stresses and strains!

They played most matches for Roma and spent a considerable time of his career there. Other than that he also represented his country on 38 occasions till 2014 and scored 5 goals out there. His skills and capacity to make the team play made him one of the best players in his nation. Now the Fiorentina manager is hoping to win the premier trophies with the assistance of Aquilani.