Capello advises Lautaro Martinez to join Barcelona

Former Juventus and Real Madrid manager Fabio Capellohas apprised Lautaro Martinez on the move to Barcelona. He also said that he has been impressed by the talent of Martinez and he doesn’t want him to sit in the sidelines in Barca as he thinks that it is difficult to find a place in the first team of the club.

Martinez name has been linked with the transfer to Barcelona for the past few weeks and his performance in Inter has been good with him scoring 16 goals from 31 appearances in this season. Capello advises that Martinez will be having a better option if he stays at Serie A.

Capello in a talk have praised him to be a good player with good moves and shoots and he alsohas the ability to score goals. But in Barcelona, he may stay as a substitute with the looming presence of Luiz Suarez. He feels that it is better to stay in the first team of Inter rather than being a substitute in Barcelona.

He also stated how the pandemic will affect the clubs economically and he has stated in Spain that Real Madrid will be the only club that will be safe to move through such a financial crisis. While Barcelona and Atletico Madrid will be going through a hard time.

The market will be revolutionised. Absurd numbers have been reached for the transfers. We will return to a more reasonable level. Smart managers will be necessary to fix the system. Egotism can be fatal,” said Capello.

All the leagues are returning back to finish off the season. There are talks going in Premier League and is looking forward to restarting the competition by June. Bundesliga has already started off and is going well. La Liga is to return in June as the players have started to train in the grounds.

As regarding Serie A,they want to finish off the season by August 20 as they are planning the next season to start in September. But there are many confusions regarding it.