During the 2016-17 season of the English Premier League, it was Chelsea the team that emerged victorious in a very dominating fashion as the squad of Antonio Conte were located at the top of the English competition for the majority of the season and did not really struggle trying to maintain themselves reasonably ahead from the rest of the teams.

After that dominating campaign from Chelsea, it was rumored that Antonio Conte was interested in making a return to Italy as he had already proved that he is more than capable of being successful away from his original home turf.

It was with Italy where Antonio Conte managed to make a name for himself not only as an impressive player but also as a remarkable manager with successive league titles.

More rumors were being spread around claiming that Antonio Conte was getting homesick and the Italian tactician has recently voiced his thoughts and future plans involving his managerial career as the former Juventus manager said:

“For me, I do miss Italy and this I can say without any doubt, there is certainly no thought in my mind of remaining abroad for a long time. Italy is my country so, once I’ve had a good, learning experience, I will return to Italy. I don’t know when it will be, but I’ll come back”

“Definitely this experience in England has enriched me a lot in all aspects. Like I said, it’s not easy. In Italy, you have the comfort with the language, the way of life, the habits and you find people who are used to this way of life, so that makes it easier. I’m improving in many ways and in the future I don’t know maybe I’d like to try something different, maybe be a director or something else. Become a sporting director? I could.”

Those were the statements released by Chelsea’s Antonio Conte as the Italian manager talked about his near future as well as how he wants to continue improving himself by competing in a different league from the Italian Serie A but at some point in time he definitely wants to return.