Conte Wants His Team to Stay Positive after the Loss to Bologna

Inter Milan manager Antonio Conte wants his playersto focus the bitterness of their loss on their next match positively.Since the resumption of the top flight of Italian league, Inter has not lost a game. Buton Sunday they were defeated by Bologna which stopped their winning streak.Their race for the title couldn’tafford such loses as it will be a dent mark for them on the table.

With Juventus having 11 pointlead on the table,every game stands important to Inter but they recent loss to AC Milan has raised the hopes for the club. The 11 point gap can be lessened to eight points if they are to win against Hellas Veronabut it ended up in a tie for 2–2.

Before the match against Hellas Verona Conte wanted his team to look at the game in a positive outlook.He said that after suffering a loss against Bolognait is difficult for his team to appear in a match soon with the disappointment of the last match.

Even though the result in the match was disappointing, the past five games in the league is encouraging for the club. Since the resumption of the games, Inter has been good on the field as well as in the statistics. They have scored 14 goals in this season and their possession of the football in the field 61.8 which is highest in the league.

Conte said that this suggests they have been doing great on the field. This points out that every time the team is going to be on the field they are trying to dominate the game.Butat the end of the match, they have to make sure their effort has made a positive effect on the team.

“What’s more, the fact that Inter are one of the top sides in the league when it comes to creating chances in the opposition area shows that we’ve put in some excellent performances,” said Conte.