18 thoughts on “English Premier League 1993/94 Season Part 1/6”

  1. That Theme song has been stuck in my head since 1992. I always wondered what it was when I watched this weekly show. It was the ONLY English football we had in the US back then; 1 hour!!

  2. Not-yet-Sir Alex at 1:08, having won his first title, explains in twenty seconds why he and his team would win another dozen. Staying hungry and motivated with hard work is the surest path to lasting success.

  3. Best epl season
    Best league intro or theme
    And the best intro of all season
    First epl season l have seen
    In my life when i know about
    English clubs and support
    My loved club liverpool

    My greeting
    From masirah island in oman

  4. Have been looking for this intro music FOREVER… any idea what the song is or where I could get it?? Thanks!

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