Erling Haaland is one of the best strikers in world football, he is a prolific goal scorer who has been hitting new targets in different leagues around Europe. He is currently playing for Borussia Dortmund in Germany where he has been scoring many goals during the recent seasons.

Whilst he has been linked to all of the big clubs over the past few years – including Manchester United, Manchester City, Barcelona and Real Madrid – he has stayed loyal to Dortmund until now, though that may all be about to change.

Haaland is expected to leave Dortmund during the summer transfer window but there are only a handful of clubs who would be able to afford him with bookies offering different odds on him to move with USA casinos for UK players at wishcasinos.com providing different platforms to use for this.

What is he worth?
Haaland is worth around 200 million + with Chelsea offering 100 million last summer and Dortmund wanted 150 million which was not met, his value has only increased since then and will keep on increasing due to him scoring so many goals and improving how much he is worth as a player. Not many clubs will be able to put in a bid of 200 million for Haaland so we could see the player spending another season at Dortmund or a club could offer a transfer fee as well as a player to make the deal a bit better.

Chelsea is rumoured to offer 100 million again in the summer but this time they look set to include their striker Timo Werner in the deal with the player keen on a move back to Germany. Hopefully, we see Haaland in the Premier League as it is considered the best league in the world and with the league being a physical one Haaland would fit in perfectly due to his size and strength.

Who could afford him?
There is only a handful of clubs who could afford Haaland and his wages as well as his agent fee. These clubs would be Chelsea, Real Madrid, PSG, Manchester City and possibly Manchester United. So Haaland will have a choice of clubs to move to consider who puts in an offer for him come to the summer transfer window which is not far away now.

It is not clear if we will or won’t see Haaland in the premier league, but a premier league is an option for him with most players in the world wanting to play in the Premier League at some point during their career.

With the information above only time will tell if we do or don’t see Erling Haaland make the move to the best league in the world.