20 thoughts on “Will Liverpool’s late-game goals run dry vs. Manchester City? | English Premier League”

  1. Why assuming there’ll be a late game goal?
    With city’s defense at present, Liverpool might lead by a couple of goals by halftime

  2. All teams goes full out to beat the champions but they can only keep up first 45 minutes then they tires !

  3. As someone who has been devastated by those goals, the truth is that Liverpool were vastly superior to Leicester, Spurs, and Villa. Liverpool should have been out of sight in the first two games. They absolutely battered Leicester and Spurs. The game against United is the only one where they could have easily lost—they had possession but didn’t create enough.

  4. Mane got his first yellow card on Saturday for flopping to get penalties,,,(mane,good player) but!,Manchester city will win,, then Leicester will also beat them @ king power,,

  5. Liverpool the best club in the world
    Liverpool more than club reds are family
    YNWA 🔴🔴🔴Liverpool ♥️Anfield 💪
    Mentality monsters and 🤜fighters till the end🤛

  6. This strategy is not long lasting for example 2-3 years…. u need to be good but not exhausting everyone every game

  7. My prediction
    Liverpool 1 – 2 City
    Leicester 2 – 2 Arsenal
    Chelsea 4 – 0 Palace
    United will be divided 😂🤣😂🤣😂

  8. As a United fan, we don’t like Matic, Jones, Young, Mata, and Lingard playing because we think they’re deadwood or not good enough. Who do Liverpool fans honestly want to get rid of cause I can’t seem to figure it out?

  9. The reason is, that the players are trying to win games by playing at 80%, if it is not working they go 100% in last 20 mins, when the other team have been at 100% for the first 70mins, and drop to 80%

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